Mans Search For Meaning: Viktor Frankl

By Leah | Book Club

Apr 22
review mans search for meaning

Today I’m reviewing and remembering the impact of reading Mans Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

What an amazing and in many cases, life-changing book this is. It’s one of the books that many therapists in training are recommended to read.

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It’s a wonderful book and often quoted.  Mans Search For Meaning quote

It’s recommended very highly to all therapists in training and I read it about 16 years ago.

Love the message and the meaning.

Viktor, like Nelson Mandela, discovered that while human beings can take away your freedom to choose what you do, they cannot take your freedom to think.

He has a realisation while out marching with holes in the soles of his shoes, in pain and very cold – that whilst his body is having that experience … he can have another.

He takes himself off on a journey to a tea room with his wife and there he finds happiness and love.

As our brain isn’t aware of what’s real or really well imagined – it’s happy to release brain and body chemicals that relate to the mind’s experience.

You’d think it impossible to feel anything but utter misery and sadness if not anger and frustration given his situation – but that’s not true.

Think what you know will activate the feelings you desire 💫

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