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If I could take a quick guess at why you've landed here on this page - I'd say right now you're 'curious'...

It's natural that you'd want to know more about my training and experience before entrusting me with your most valuable possession - your mind 😀

Most of the visitors to my website have been sent a link by a friend or family member, or have seen the content I share on social media.

If you're  not yet familiar with my background, you'll want some reassurances that I have 'real' qualifications and 'actual' experience to back up why I say what I do and why I have the testimonials my clients create for you.

Learn More About Your Enhanced Life Master Coach 

Leah's journey into Coaching began in the late 90's where she started her training in Advanced Psychotherapy, Analytical (Breakthrough) Hypnotherapy, NLP and a myriad of methodologies and trainings.

She continued her training and research after her qualifications enabled her to set up her first full time practice.

Leah was one of the first professionals to be awarded the title of 'Senior' Hypnotherapist by the renowned General Hypnotherapy Society Council.  A council set up to work with official bodies to regulate and improve the therapeutic uses of Hypnosis.

The award is given only to those who can show positive outcomes, experience, full time application and skill in using the various methods and formulas for change work Hypnosis.

Leah trained with the world famous Gil Boyne who was responsible for setting up the first clinical society for the study and improvement of Hypnosis in the United States.

Leah's enjoyment of working with individuals developed into a strong passion for working with groups and then she entered the 'online' world so that the benefits of Breakthrough Hypnotherapy and other change work recipes could reach more people

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Enhancing NLP Training

Leah's love of learning and improving her skill set has never stifled and she happily extends her knowledge on a daily basis.

She completed her training in NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) the same training that underpinned the work that Tony Robbins is now so famous for, in her second year of study. 

Not being satisfied she continued her studies in this modern approach to change work and breakthrough therapies with the co-creator Richard Bandler and Paul Mckenna.

Once she reached the level of Trainer, now equipped with the skills and knowledge to train others in using NLP, Leah was invited to join Paul Mckenna's team and work with hundreds of motivated students at large events.

As soon as the practice in the prestigious Harley Street opened in the early 2000's, Leah's clients flooded in from all over the world.  She's worked with Celebrities, Millionaires and Billionaires, CEO's, creatives, authors, famous singers and song writers, Entrepreneurs, Start Up Business owners, Movie Directors, Sports Personalities and England Coaches.

Her work allowed for her to spend time in continued research and study and encouraged by one of her scientist clients, she studied Microbiology to gain more understanding of how the mind works with the body to either improve and enhance health or ... why sometimes it's the opposite.

Leah's studies on reverse ageing, stress reduction, healing and overcoming trauma have lead her to become one of the top Coaches in the UK.

Not your average Coach...

Leah's Business & Marketing Experience

Leah's Entrepreneurial energy first emerged when in her early 20's she set up her first business to solve her own problem of childcare (or lack thereof). 

Leah successfully set up a brand new enterprise that lead to her experiencing many facets of marketing, business management, sales and more.
Prior to her first role in a corporate setting, Leah had attended college to study Business & Marketing, something she later admits was not particularly exciting back then but no doubt proved useful.

When she began her own Coaching Practice, marketing became a very important element and in the days before the internet, marketing, copywriting and content creation were achieved through the written medium.  Leah's first Practice in her home town of Chelmsford (now a city), grew rapidly due to Leah's attention to detail in marketing herself and her skills.  

An invitation from the county wide respected newspaper, to host a 'column' in their Health section, lead to Leah becoming well known and highly regarded amongst her peers.  She explains: 

When attending a Mind & Body event, I met other therapists and coaches and was surprised and more than a little delighted, to hear how they all respected me and were proud of how I promoted the benefits of personal Coaching and therapeutic models.

The other bonus was the number of clients who felt they really 'knew' Leah and were attracted to entrust her with their most important life challenge ~ improving themselves.

Leah had no trouble attracting new clients and despite raising her session prices many times, the numbers continued to grow.

She decided to turn her attention to opening a new Practice in London.

On a number of occasions, Leah was asked back to her original training school to share her experiences of marketing as her client ratio far exceeded any other therapist or coach by a large %.

She also had a very high 'conversion' from prospect to client, something which in any service business is revered.

Leah's explanation of why she was able to 'book' so many clients was simple:  

I ask questions, I care about what people want and I'm intrigued by what positively or negatively affects them. I'm passionate about enabling others to experience breakthroughs and enhancing their lives which in turn enhances the lives of those around them.  I believe my passion, interest and genuine curiosity is clear in our early conversation and as I share prior experiences of clients positive outcomes, the prospect client feels confident they will gain.

Leah's desire to reach more people with the skills and methods for rapid change, inspired her to dive into the online marketing world of product creation, launching and customer engagement.

New skills were required, such as 'how to create a digital product', 'how to stage a launch', copywriting, funnel building, email marketing and so on.  So Leah went in search of the answers.

18 Digital Product Launches Later ...

Leah's knowledge of NLP, behavior and what influences others quickly got her noticed in this new world.  In a brand new environment where she was previously unknown, once again, her passion for learning and helping others lead to her being noticed.

In 2012 she partnered with a developer to launch their first digital product.  Another two launches that year followed and her success and skills in the niche grew.

As one of only a handful of successful women in this mainly male environment, Leah was invited to speak at Marketing events.  

Her knowledge of what makes a launch successful, the problems that arose, which were as Leah describes "always valuable lessons" and her ability to overcome those, lead to her developing a strategy for managing a launch with ease.

She used every difficulty as an opportunity to make the next launch better.  Her ability to develop a blueprint made it possible for her to manage up to three launches at any given time.

Three Online Launches at once?!

The steady growth of Leah's network, the influence of her ever growing email list and her passion for helping people improve their lives continued to shine through.

She would at times be found managing the following:

  • Brainstorming a new product for launch C
  • Planning & outlining the launch for product C
  • Networking & promoting product B
  • Crafting carefully worded promotional materials for affiliates on product launch B
  • Writing or 'polishing' the sales copy & VSLs for launch B
  • Managing support teams for product A
  • Creating new coaching resources for customers and looking at improvements for product A
  • Scheduling & hosting private or group Coaching sessions for Personal & now Business Growth

Leah's second launch was the shortest lead time to launch she ever experienced.  It came about for a few reasons...  You can read about that in an article Leah wrote sharing her crazy but fulfilling second launch.

The Difference Between A Coach and a Mentor

People are sometimes confused as to what makes someone a Coach and what makes them a Mentor.  

The similarities are in the relationship between the person sitting in the role of guide or teacher and the one sitting in the role of student or client.

The main reason someone calls themselves a Mentor, is when they are coaching others in how to do something they are already skilled in or have a proven track record of achieving.

Whereas a Coach will either have had professional position in the 'doing' eg Golf or professional qualifications in being a Coach.

Before Leah entered the world of online marketing and launches, she Mentored trainee Coaches and therapists.  Since becoming well known in the digital space, she's been approached to Mentor Entrepreneurs looking to start up their own online business or to enhance their offline business with online marketing strategies and/or launches.

​Below you'll learn more about Leah's professional qualifications & other specialities she's added to her skill set over many years.

Here's A Few Of Leah's Professional Qualifications

NLP Practitioner 
NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Trainer

HypnoAnalysis and Integrative Psychotherapy (Advanced)
Cognitive Therapy & Psychotherapy
Counselling & Psychotherapy (Advanced)

Enhanced Life Coach
Enhanced Life Master Coach
Enhanced Life Master Trainer

Working With World Famous Paul Mckenna

Paul Mckenna and Leah bother worked on Documentary about the benefits of Hypnotherapy, aswell as dispelling some of the myths surrounding this natural, choice based state.

Leah has appeared on a number of made for television Talking Head pieces aswell as been interviewed about specific mind related and behavioral topics by press and TV.

Her connections to the media took her down the route of consulting and she's provided production teams with feedback, ideas and strategies for some interesting shows.  

Another achievement that shows Leah's commitment to making our world a better place, came about when she founded a non-profit organisation aimed at understanding the root causes in violent crime.  

The work lead to meetings at the Mayors office aswell as joining debates and communicating with senior politicians. 

Other Specialisms, Skills & Now Speaking

I made a conscious choice to sign up (metaphorically speaking) for years of training with accredited training bodies in order to expand my knowledge and experience before being 'let loose' on the public.  I'm aware in hindsight however, that I've learned a great deal more from all my wonderful clients and mentees by being in practice rather than study.

My NLP training was with the co-creator Richard Bandler which followed years of study and practice and I believe this metholodgy elevated my knowledge and skill set enormously.  

I was fortunate to study with the world famous founder of the American Society for Clinical Hypnotherapy Gil Boyne who trained my highly regarded peer Marisa Peer, whose name is now familiar on British TV. 

Along the way I've added specific training and study in subjects such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, ASD's, Addiction, Dyslexia, Brain Function, Fertility, Confident Birthing and many more...

I've attended many trainings for personal development and growth and continue to work on myself daily.

Under the umbrella of Business Coaching or Online Marketing comes every aspect of any online business, marketing, social media, how to blog, launch a product, write sales copy and pretty much every aspect of building and growing a business online. 

Choosing the best Coach or Mentor is one of the most important choices you'll ever make!

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Having been invited to speak at conferences, Leah has enjoyed coaching on a wider scale.  However her long time ambition to bring Coaching, Personal Development & Business Growth to the world, has been her focus for the past year or more.

In her private sessions, Leah mentioned her desire to build an online Membership that would be accessible 24/7 from anywhere around the world.  Her corporate clients loved the idea and asked that she stay in touch so they can invest in this for their employees.  
Their belief is that many of the Employee Benefits and Bonus offerings, regaled by the top corporate companies, can be well and truly satisfied by offering the service to their own people.

The original idea was to make this available to everyone. And for Leah that still stands.  She's focused on making it affordable to anyone with a desire to Enhanced their Life and the program list is a very long and highly desireable one.

The membership site has been built, the content is being added and the launch of Enhanced Life Academy is close.

Leah was hired on many occasions to do in house training having worked with senior management teams and supported employees through difficult transitions.

The training courses are bespoke and requested in person by Leah's business clients who've experienced significant positive change in their own Coaching sessions which triggered a desire to see their business enhanced in the same manner.

Below you'll find our Mission & Vision that Leah and her company have for the future...

When you prioritise yourself first, everyone else in your life benefits!

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Enhanced Life Mission

Our vision at Enhanced Life is to provide the very best opportunities for everyone willing to optin to a life more fulfilling, abundant, creative and successful.

Enhanced Life Vision

Our vision at Enhanced Life is that everyone in the world will have access to personal and professional development and that in providing the tools and resources, we can build a healthier, happier, more cohesive world for everyone to live in and enjoy.